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Spray Foam Machine / CPDS Series 2 - Spray Foam Machine

CPDS Series 2 - Spray Foam Machine

Ideal Start-up Machine - The CPDS Series 2
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Spray Foam Machine CPDS Series 2


CPDS Series 2 = Constant Pressure Dispensing System

The convenience of disposable foam kits meets the efficiency of bulk systems in the new CPDS Series 2 from Touch n Foam. The CPDS Series 2 is a portable, constant pressure spray foam dispensing system that uses compressed air to deliver higher foam yield, up to 2-1/2 times as fast as foam kits. With minimal investment and training the CPDS Series 2 offers an ideal opportunity for business start-up or service expansion. And with less trash, less chemical waste, disposable cylinders, and no ozone depleting chemicals, means you can also feel good about your impact on the environment.

The Touch n Foam CPDS Series 2 comes complete, ready to use, just add the appropriate A & B chemical cylinder set. The CPDS Series 2 comes with all necessary tools, an operational DVD, a 30' chemical delivery hose set, 2 spray foam applicators, 50 disposable spray nozzles and a set of operational and maintenance manuals.

The CPDS Series 2 is easily handled and transported by a single individual. It is ideal for those situations where a rig or bulk system is too much or disposable kits are too little. Chemical cylinder sets are available for both 1.75 pcf B2 Foam and 1.00 pcf Class 1, Fire Retardant polyurethane spray foam.

The Tanks will spray approx. 750ft2 or 69m2 at 25mm (1").

The Tanks are completely full of chemical which is then completely emptied by the machine, leaving no chemical in the tanks. This means that the tanks can be sent to scrap-metal as opposed to pre-pressurised disposable tanks which can leave chemical inside, giving the end-user problems with disposal.

This machine is manufactured in the USA so comes with American 120V plugs. We will supply 110V Plugs included in the price. These plugs will need changing. This is very straight forward but it is recomended that a qualified Electrican should do this if you are not familiar.

Other Colours and Finishes available

Please select the desired colour or finish from those available below:

Tanks for CPDS Machine (Pair) Tanks for CPDS Machine (Pair)

Product Features List:

  • Ideal for Larger Applications where 10 or more tanks are needed.
  • Ideal for business start-up or service expansion
  • High profit center, low maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for bulk systems in mid-sized projects
  • Ideal for mid-sized projects, rehabs & renovations, repairs, room additions and "call backs"
  • Commonly available replacement parts
  • 2X faster foam delivery and up to 20% greater yield than disposable foam kits
  • Foam dispenses from cylinder bottom, resulting in virtually no chemical waste
  • Economical - lower cost per board foot than kits

CPDS 2 Brochure - 1.55 mb
CPDS 2 Operating Instructions - 1.02 mb
CPDS 2 Technical Data Sheet - 359.74 kb
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Perfect Start up Machine

Perfect Start up Machine
CPDS 2 Spray Foam Machine

CPDS 2 Spray Foam Machine

Perfect Start up Machine
CPDS 2 Spray Foam Machine
Product Code:


£2644.20 (inc VAT)

£2203.50 (excl VAT)