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FAQ - ceilingPANEL

1. Can I use ceilingPANEL on the walls?
a. It is not recommended to use ceilingPANEL on the walls. We offer multiPANEL, tilePANEL and cleanPANEL which are all more suitable for this application

2. What is the fire rating of ceilingPANEL ?
a. Class 1 surface spread of flame.

3. Is ceilingPANEL available without tongue and groove edges?
a. Tongue and groove edges are supplied as standard. Type K mid joints and Type P clip in trims can be used as a decorative alternative to T&G. (in some cases it may be necessary to cut the tongue or groove off a Type K mid joint)

4. What is the maximum temperature of downlights?
a. ceilingPANEL should not be subjected to temperatures in excess of 60°c.

5. How do I clean ceilingPANEL?
a. ceilingPANEL should be wiped clean with a damp, clean cloth and a mild, non-abrasive detergent.

6. How do I cut ceilingPANEL?
a. ceilingPANEL ceilingPANEL should be cut using a fine-tooth blade hand-saw, decorative face up.