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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - multiPANEL

multiPANEL Frequently Asked Questions

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1.Can I use multiPANEL for floors or ceilings?
a. It is not recommended to use multiPANEL on the ceiling as it maybe to heavy (alternatively see our ceilingPANEL and twinFLOOR) or on the floor as it is not slip resistant.

2. Can multiPANEL be applied directly to tiles?
a. Yes, provided they are sound, tilePANEL being lighter maybe more suitable for this application.

3. Can multiPANEL be applied to plasterboard walls?
a. Yes, directly by adhesive or to sub frames .

4. Can I use multiPANEL above 2400mm high?
a. Yes, by using a continuous ‘H’ joint extrusion or tongued and grooved short edges.

5. Can I order multiPANEL laminate only?
a. Yes, depending on availability of stock.

6. Can I order multiPANEL in larger sizes than 2400mm x 1200mm?
a. No, This is the maximum size of the raw materials. But by using a continuous ‘H’ joint extrusion or tongued and grooved edges you can joint the panels.

7. How do I clean multiPANEL?
a. multiPANEL should be cleaned with warm water and a non-abrasive mild detergent. Scouring powders or similar products should not be used.

8. How do I get access to services? a. You can get access to services by using multiPANELaccess (see Section 1.10)

9. What is the weight of multiPANEL?
a. 2400mm x 1200mm x 11mm panels weight approximately 20kg depending on the type of plywood used.

10. What is the warranty on multiPANEL?
a. 10 years from date of purchase, covering cracking, de-lamination and panels remaining watertight, if installed, sealed and maintained according to our published recommendations.

11. What other colours are available to order?
a. Laminates from all the major laminate manufacturers, Formica, Polyrey, Arpa etc can be ordered and made into multiPANEL, there is normally an additional cost and an extended lead time for this service.

12. Is the plywood core from a sustainable source and FSC certified?
a. Yes, The suppliers of plywood used in multiPANEL have FSC accreditation for many of their products. The plywood used on multiPANEL meets a similar criteria, but is not FSC accredited. Our suppliers have a very thorough programme for sustainability of species used in the plywood and are strictly controlled by their appropriate government.

13. How do I fit grab rails and shower seats?
a. It is recommended that you fix through the panel into the wall behind for a secure fixing.

14. How do I fit panels at 45°?
a. Fix a Type E Quadrant End Cap to edge of the first panel, and glue the second panel to the wall, applying silicone sealant to the radiused corner of the Type E Quadrant End Cap.

15. How do I fit panels at 135°?
a. Fix a Type E Quadrant End Cap to edge of the first panel, and glue the second panel to the wall, applying silicone sealant to the flat edge of the Type E Quadrant End Cap.

16. How much is lost from tongue and groove joints?
a. When Grooving panel 11mm is deducted from panel size. When Tonguing panel 7mm is deducted from panel size. Every T & G joint 18mm is deducted.

17. What is the distance to subtract from the wall to a panel when using a Type A internal corner profile? a. 17mm. Dimensions of all multiPANEL profiles are shown below

multiPANEL Trims Diagram

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