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FAQ - soundPANEL

1. Can I wire soundPANEL up to any audio source?
a. Yes, providing it has a 3.5mm input.

2. Can I run an mp3 player from the socket as well as an external audio source?
a. Yes, the external audio source would be connected to the amplifier. Plugging in the mp3 player will over-ride the external source.

3. Will the room behind the soundPANEL installation hear the music clearly?
a. No, the transducers have a low output. The noise comes from the sound waves reverberating through the panel core meaning the sound waves travel forward.

4. Can I use soundPANEL on other multiPANEL collection products?
a. Yes. soundPANEL works with tilePANEL cleanPANEL and ceilingPANEL. IMPORTANT - the screws supplied in the kits are designed to fix the speaker unit to multiPANEL - alternative screws should be sourced for any other product

5 . Can I use soundPANEL on other surfaces?
a. soundPANEL is designed for use with multiPANEL collection products, and as such has not been tested on alternative surfaces.

6. I have fitted the soundPANEL but can not hear anything?
a. Ensure that the amp is plugged in and powered up (red light illuminated) then switch the amp on by pressing the power button on the remote control (blue light illuminated). Pressing 9 on the remote control will activate the loudest preset volume.