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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - twinFLOOR Stick

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1. Is twinFLOOR suitable for wetroom installations?
a. No.

2. Can I use twinFLOOR on stairs?
a. No.

3. Is twinFLOOR suitable for application over underfloor heating?
a. Yes, so long as the temperature does not exceed 30°c.

4. Can I replace damaged sections of twinFLOOR?
a. Yes, individual planks, tiles or sections can be cut out and replaced using double-sided tape.

5. How do I cut twinFLOOR?
a. Score the face firmly with a stanley knife against a straight edge, and snap apart

6. Can I install twinFLOOR over carpet?
a. No. twinFLOOR is only suitable for application over flat smooth surfaces.

7. Will the gluestrip dry out?
a. Once installed the gluestrip will not dry out. If however the flooring is left out of its packaging prior to installation, the gluestrip may be affected. IMPORTANT - twinFLOOR should not be stored in cold conditions - refer to installation instructions for further details.

8. How do I cut round pedestals and shapes?
a. Applying a blast of heat from a hairdryer will soften the vinyl, facilitating cutting. TIP - use the protective paper as a template.

9. Is twinFLOOR affected by sunlight?
a. Over many.years of exposure to direct sunlight the exposed area may discolour slightly. The gluestrip will not be affected so long as it is not subjected to temperatures in excess of 43°c/110°f

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