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Specialist Silicone, Sealants & Adhesives

AB Building Products Ltd have been successfully selling Specialists Sealants, Adhesives and Foams for nearly 20 years, winning the ‘Small Business of the Year Award’ in 2007 for the Test Valley and Hampshire Area. We have grown in both size and product range over the years. Not only do we stock Standard Silicones and Sealants but also we are the largest suppliers of ‘Coloured Silicones’ in Europe, keeping over 60+ colours in stock.

Shower Sealant:
Using the correct type of Bathroom Sealant inside the Shower or Bathroom is important not only do you not want the Silicone Adhesive to go mouldy but selecting the right colour is also just as important.

Fugi Silicone Smoothening Tool
Cramer Fugi Kit

15 Minute Delivery Time Slot
15 Minute Delivery Time Slot


Coloured Silicones
Ral Coloured Silicone Sealants
Anti-Pick Mastic
Specialist Adhesives
Aquarium Silicone
Silicone Applicators
Low Modulus Silicone
Food Safe Silicone
Polyurethane Adhesives
Silicone Remover
Decorators Caulk
Coloured Silicones
Swimming Pool Sealant
Silicone for Natural Stones
High Modulus Silicones
High Temperature
Bathroom Sealants
Car & Automotive
PU Foam Remover
Fire Retardant Silicone
Sealant for Pilkington
Activ Glass

Mirror Adhesive
Expanding Foam
Paintable Mastic
Shower Sealants
Marine Sealant
Silicone Nozzles
Fire Retardant Foams

Silicone Mastic:
Adhesive Glue, Mastic Sealant or Silicone Mastic. whatever your requirements we should hold it in stock, being Specialists with well over 20 years Silicone Adhesive:
We specialise in Silicone Adhesives for special applications, Carbond 940FC for the Automotive Industry for example or where a Crystal Clear Sealant is needed.

Waterproof Sealants
We supply a wide range of Waterproof Sealants and Adhesives for many different applications. We should have the solution for you, if you can not find the waterproof sealants you are looking for please contact a member of our team via phone or email and we will do our best to acquire the sealant for you.

We also have Silicone Smoothening Tools such as the ‘Fugi Kit’, these will give you the perfect finish better than most professionals can manage, ideal for when you use a Bathroom Sealant around your Bath or Sink.

We can also offer any Mastic Sealant for unique applications such as; for Natural Stones, Granite or Marble, around Swimming Pool Areas or area where a High Temperature Resistance is needed. It may be that you need a Fire Silicone or for a Marine Application.