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Specialist Adhesives / Oven Door Sealant Adhesive

Oven Door Sealant Adhesive

Suitable for joints and assemblies which must be resistant to high temperatures, such as metal chimneys, ovens and heating appliances
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Silirub HT-N-
Oven Door Sealant Adhesive

Suitable for joints and assemblies which must be resistant to high temperatures in ducting, metal chimneys, industrial ovens, heating appliances and for repair or sticking back the glass back onto the oven door etc.

Resists temperatures up to +275C continuously (+300C for short periods)
Size 310m, Colour Black

*** This product has been discountinued and replaced by Parasilico HTR-B ***

Product Features List:

  • - *Sealing Glass Back onto Domestic/Commercial Oven Doors
  • - Sealing of heating installations
  • - Gaskets in pumps and motors
  • - Sealing between metals and plastics which are exposed to high temperatures
  • - All sealants applications which require high temperature resistance

Technical Data Sheet - 28.01 kb
Safety Data Sheet - 52.72 kb
Jim Hudson, Shrewsbury
Monday 7th April 2014
"I broke the glass on my oven door and had to reattach the door hinges etc to the new glass. The mastic did a brilliant job and would highly recommend it as an alternative to buying a new oven (or oven door as these cost nearly as much as the new oven)! A word of advice would be to ensure full coverage of sealant where the black mastic can be seen through the glass. I didn't and left a few air bubbles.. If I'd done it properly the finish would have been excellent."
Tracy, Staffordshire
Sunday 23rd February 2014
"This sealant is fantastic. I used it to fix my oven door which had come apart from its hinges, saved me a lot of money, no need for a new door, fast and efficient delivery service, one satisfied customer."
David Hodges, United Kingdom
Friday 17th January 2014
"Having tried and failed to secure the inner glass door of our whirlpool oven i decided to try again using oven door sealant and up to now it has done the job and the glass is still attached to the door."
Mark Weatherill, Derbyshire
Sunday 22nd December 2013
"The inner glass fell away from my oven door. After trying an eBay solution, that was okay, but too little, I found This Soudal oven door sealant. It worked a treat, although it absolutely stinks. Oven is fixed and it has saved us the cost of getting a new door/oven."
Ronald Allen, Lancashire
Thursday 28th November 2013
"Delivered within two days.Used to reseal metal frames containing glass in oven door. Worked well.Very pleased with result. Excellent product. "
Walter Bannister, Perthshire
Thursday 19th September 2013
"Our glass on the inside of the oven door was so loose it was in danger of falling off so instead of a 50 mile trip to our nearest city for repair I decided to order the adhesive and repair it myself. The product arrived promptly and was excellent. I would only say in the negative that instructions might have come in handy if only to let the user know drying times. In any event it was superb, thank you very much, would certainly recommend it."
Coleman, Northampton
Saturday 19th May 2012
"Have purchased to broken internal seal in a Panasonic microwave oven. Will let you know how we get on."
p bailey, portsmouth
Thursday 9th June 2011
"its easy to use and it works. I had to clamp the two parts together till the glue went off and I cant believe how strong the bond is, it would be nice if it could be bought in a tube for small jobs like I needed it for. great product would recommend it,"
K Crutchlow, Warwickshire
Tuesday 10th May 2011
"Excellent customer service and a great product. Delivered within 24 hours and as advertised. Used to repair the inner door glass on Tricity Bedix electric oven (rather than spend £100+ on replacement door assembly). Followed instructions given on web site and glass has been secure since with no problems. Very pleased with this product. Many thanks!"
R Barnard, Peterchurch, Hereford
Monday 28th March 2011
"Used to repair the knob on the lid of a tagine. Needed an adhesive which would would work up to 300C."
A J Hazell, London
Saturday 4th December 2010
"Used this to refit the glass on a Neff oven door 7 months ago and it has worked a treat. Would recommend this to anyone with a similar problem, i.e ,loose oven door glass. I took the door off, cleaned, put the sealant on, replaced the glass, held in place with a brick for 24hrs, no more problem. This really is perfect,"
Richard, Wiltshire
Wednesday 28th July 2010
"Delivery speed fantastic. Product a lot cheaper than a new flue (if one was available)!"
LIDA, Newcastle upon Tyne
Friday 26th February 2010
"Excellent product! High recommended."
Bill Hogan, Herts
Saturday 21st November 2009
"Next day delivery and fixed a flu pipe jointing problem which had defeated a stove expert - what more do you need?"
Liam Parker, Warwickshire
Monday 29th June 2009
"Excelleant product, Quick, easy and effective. saved me £250 i would have had to spend on a new oven. Highly recommend."
Brian Wylie, Bradford
Monday 22nd June 2009
"Excellent product and excellent service did the job. I wish I had found them sooner first Class"
Clive Kocher, Salisbury
Thursday 26th March 2009
"Thank you for an excellent product with quick delivery. Simple to refit the glass on my oven door with the help of the instructions on your website. Also a substantial saving. Neff quoted £125 to supply a new inner door."
John, kent
Friday 9th January 2009
" I tried other products that claimed to be able to refix the glass on our oven door only to very disappointed at the results ,but this stuff really does do what it claims it can ,it took a matter of minutes to apply and refix the glass and has saved the cost of a new oven. The service from AB SEALANTS is outstanding with a very fast dispatch and delivery system and i highly recommend them ,i only wish i could give 10 stars instead of five "
Janice Langsdale, France
Thursday 16th October 2008
"This is a brilliant product, & fixed our oven door perfectly. Thanks a million"
richard allison, leicester
Friday 12th September 2008
"fantastic stuff !!! thought i was looking at buying a new oven , half an hour later , new oven and £500 out the window!!! i have one fixed oven door for a few quid. BUY IT !!!......also, top fast service, highly highly recommended !!"
richard, devon
Tuesday 15th July 2008
"fantastic stuff, I fixed our oven inner glass about 2 mths ago and it has been problem free ever since, The tube arrived the day after I ordered it, and the job took about an hour! great service, great product. "
Sean, Wakefield
Saturday 7th June 2008
"Our Indesit inner cooker glass came away, we used this sealant to re-fix the glass, the sealant is excellent & sets like rubber. The oven is now back in action. AB Sealants provide an excellent service, arrived next day."
Peter, Epsom
Thursday 29th May 2008
"Retaining fixings fell off our old Belling cooker. Last time a professional ordered a replacement door at £85, saying it couldn't be fixed properly. Total cost £85 for door, £50 labour. This time about £7 for a tube of the gunge, an hour mucking around & cleaning up the door, job done. Excellent stuff."
Ken Trenholm, Beverley
Sunday 20th April 2008
"Ordered noon Friday delivered 9.00 am Saturday - Oven door sealed and ready for Sunday lunch. First Class Post First Class Service"
John Machin, Hednesford
Monday 18th February 2008
"Excellent next day delivery.Silicone re-fixed inner glass on oven door. Extremely satisfied"
Peter Drew, Cheshire
Monday 28th January 2008
"Does everything claims to do. Easy to remove excess. Most satisfactory. Now I have most of a tube spare. Pity you don't sell smaller quantities."
Sarah Reid, Milton Keynes
Friday 16th November 2007
"I wanted to try this to stick back my oven door seal which was peeling away. AB were most helpful and I am pleased to report that it works for this application!"
Annabella Rhind, Isle Of Wight
Thursday 23rd August 2007
"Super fast delivery service, excellent product, stuck my grills glass door back on to metal hinges in a flash, very impressed. Recommended to all."
Stephen Man, Cardiff
Sunday 3rd June 2007
"Cheap price for fast service and excellent product. Allowed me to glue the fascia back onto the glass, and then the glass back onto the oven door. Saved me £70 on a new door. "
Reg Bartle, Hull, Yorkshire
Thursday 5th April 2007
"Has given a 'new lease of life' to our cooker by refitting the loose glass oven door. Dead easy to use."
Nick Riley, Maidstone, Kent
Wednesday 4th April 2007
"Well I have to say it sticks like sh*t to a blanket. Only time will tell if it survives, but so far so good. I am pleased I didn't have to pay out £38 for a replacement inner oven door when £6 tube of glue fixed the problem. Thanks very much! "
Mrs C, Moray
Sunday 1st April 2007
"Excellent product and great price. Used to stick back inner glass door of zanussi oven. Recd very quickly"
T. Devlin, Cumbria
Thursday 29th March 2007
"very pleased with this product. It saved me buying a new oven door at great expense. Many thanks."
Rich, Bedfordshire
Monday 26th March 2007
"Worked a treat"
Fernando Marin, London
Sunday 25th March 2007
"Very good product, However I would like to know if there are a silicone rubber with more high temperature, although it was in accustomed to state, as sheets and roller for hot stamping thank you "
Alan Roberts, Bedfordshire
Saturday 24th March 2007
"Absolutely brilliant product that was very easy to use to repair an oven door that, had the glass fall out. Simply removed the old sealant and ensured the area was grease free. Applied a layer, fitted the glass and weighted it down to ensure a good fit all round. At the edge applied another bead and smoothed this with a wetted finger. Left to dry for 24 hours and then for the first few times of oven use, ensured plenty of ventilation. Hope this is a useful review as the product is A1 for oven repairs."
Nick Stewart, Herts
Saturday 24th March 2007
"Speedy delivery and great customer service - saved me £70 on a call out fee! "
Simon Smith, Exeter, Devon
Friday 23rd March 2007
"This stuff is fantastic! Did the job and stuck the glass back to my oven door. Said to wait 24 hours but was ready to use in 6..Highly recommended. Don't bother with B&Q! Buy this from AB Sealants and i promise..you will not be disappointed!"
Ashley Slater, Colchester
Friday 23rd March 2007
"Really good product oven now fully repaired considerably chaeaper than buying the "official " product from oven manufacturer. It's easy to use. Great service too ."
steve taylor, essex
Friday 23rd March 2007
"easy to apply and has done the job"
william cargill, montrose
Saturday 10th March 2007
"works perfect,had to hold glass in place for a short period of time, until silicone set. great stuff"
Chris Devismes, London
Monday 5th March 2007
"I have a Zanussi oven with a double glass door. The inner glass had fallen away and rested inside. This proved difficult to repair - 1. To be able to clean the surface underneath the edge to be stuck and 2. To find a way of holding the glass with the new adhesive so it could stick (and cure). I was able to remove the glass from the bottom of the door ( thank goodness) and then scape away the old sealant and clean the glass surfaces - both inside the outside (if you can picture that) and also the glass to be restuck. I used a suction device which hold my Tom Tom Sat Nav to the windscreen to pull the glass up to the inner door face with a cord around it and up to a cupboard above. I weighed the door down with cartons of orange juice to give enough pressure on the new sealant to give a good seal. Applying the sealant was OK but was very fiddly getting it inside the door before the glass was raised. If I were to repeat the job i would have used more and been more patient to allow it to cure and then scrape away the excess (with a stanley blade) after it had 'rubberised'. I also got a bit on the inside but I can live with that. The stuff stank like hell for quite a while as it cured. I decided to put the oven on and close the door leaving the windows open and the cooker fan on full blast. We couldn't use the kitchen that evening but it was fine next morning. I would have appreciated some instuctions before I started but even a look on the web turned up no real solutions so it came down to good old home made enginuity. I would suggest it only be attempted by someone who has a little knowledge of of thinking on their feet. Its now a couple of weeks since the repair and I'm quite happy that the repair has worked well. Hope this helps someone else - don't buy a new cooker until you've tried and please don't whack the price up now you know that you have a product that works or I'll come and get you on a dark night. :-) and stick you. "
Steve Taylor, Essex
Saturday 24th February 2007
"Very fast service. Product was easy to apply and works"
Paul Townsend, West Midlands
Saturday 24th February 2007
"This stuff is strong! Fixed my cooker door glass no problems. Fast next day delivery as well."
Tuesday 23rd January 2007
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