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I have used Fix-All and Fix-All Crystal for my bathroom wall and ceiling panels and find it does as it says, excellent bonding.

Jamie (Webmaster)

Dear Don, I'm afraid that there is nothing to remove it other than to pick it away with your fingers. You could try the Silicone Remover paste but I can't guarantee that it will work or not damaged your fleece.


I used Fix All Crystal to seal the joints in my brick letterbox. I accidentally brushed the front of my polarfleece vest against the wet product and now I can't get rid of it. We washed the garment but it's still there. Any ideas on how to remove it.

David Searle

Soudal Fix-All has provided excellent bonding between fibreglass and metal for my particular application. It is very easy to use and would recommend it as a good quality product.

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Soudal FIX-ALL

Product Code: FIXALL-WH

Fix All is a high quality single component joint sealant with high adhesive strength and initial tack. It is based on MS-Polymer, chemically neutral and fully elastic.

Soudal Fixall
Soudal Fixall is now available in 4 different types,

Fix All is a high quality single component joint sealant with high adhesive strength and initial tack. It is based on MS-Polymer, chemically neutral and fully elastic. For use in construction, automotive, marine and aerospace areas where a tough flexible rubber joint or adhesive with powerful bond strength is required.

Choose From: Fixall Classic, Hi-Tack, Crystal or Turbo

Technical Data sheets can be found in the Media/Download tabs.

Safety Data Sheets available on request

Take a look at Parabond for a more cost effective alternative to...

Fixall Classic - Fixall High-tack - Fixall Crystal



  • Primer-less adhesion even on damp and non porous surfaces
  • High performance mechanical properties
  • Flexible elastic rubber with movement accommodation up to 20%
  • Straightforward application even in adverse conditions
  • No bubble formation within sealant (in high temperature and humidity applications)
  • Very easy to tool and finish
  • Good extrudability even at low temperatures
  • Colour stable and UV resistant
  • Ecological advantages - free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids
  • Minimal health and safety considerations
  • Can be painted with all water based paints and many other systems
  • Resistance to many chemicals and to mould growth
  • Does not stain highly porous materials such as natural stone, blue stone, marble, granite
  • Sealing and bonding in the building industry
  • Sanitary and kitchen areas resists mould growth
  • Structural bonding in vibrating constructions
  • Connection joints in sheet metal fabrication
  • Paintable gap filler and sealant
  • Mirror bonding direct onto the back of the mirror
  • Bonding to walls panels, insulation material, plinths, lathes


Technical Data Sheet - Classic
Technical Data Sheet - High Tack
Technical Data Sheet - Crystal Clear
Technical Data Sheet - Turbo


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