AB Building Products Fire Rated Decking

AB Building Products Fire Rated Decking

A Decking Revolution Is Happening, It looks great and it’s fireproof!

We are taking orders now. Please contact us with your requirements, specific board lenghts and colours can be specificed to meet your design.  

In the UK in recent years, decks and balconies have very much been in the news and in the headlines. With Grenfell Tower disaster in London and more recently a number of other tower blocks and high rise residential buildings suffering devastating fires in the UK alone, the building industry has been forced to change the materials they use in these buildings. A different type of decking material is needed to replace traditional timber and more recently WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking in these locations. A decking material that is still aesthetically pleasing, but also meets the high demands of the very latest building regulations and fire regulations, but is still cost effective and easy to install, is needed.

Currently in the UK your only route for a truly 100% Fireproof and Fire Rated deck, is to use an Aluminium decking system. Unlike timber or WPC, Aluminium easily meets the demands of the latest building regulations in the UK. It is Fireproof, resistant to damage from moisture and UV and when the sun beats down, it will not warp, splinter or fade. It is however expensive and in a lot of cases not aesthetically pleasing, It can be noisy to walk on, dented and scored from heavy impacts, it’s electrically conductive and can build up static which can shock you.

Both timber and traditional WPC composite decks don’t stand up to fires or close proximity to heat sources with a risk of fire from BBQs and fire pits.

AB Building Products will shortly be launching the next generation in decking - there is no deck that handles the heat quite like it, especially in the UK. Our fire rated balcony decking boards will be Class A1 and A2 fire rated. The new AB decking will be rated A1 non-combustible and can be installed in both residential and commercial buildings in line with the latest fire regulations. These state that buildings over 18m in England and 11m in Scotland, need to use non-combustible materials on the outside for cladding, decking and balconies. With AB Building Products new decking, you can still enjoy outdoor living at its best, with the piece of mind knowing your deck will stay looking great no matter what abuse is thrown it’s way.

With concealed screws and solid, splinter-free boards, AB Building Products decking feels smooth and safe under bare feet. Walk, play and run in comfort with no sign of bounce, squeaks or sponginess. You can still enjoy a wide range of colours and that traditional wood grain look. 

A spa and poolside performer? Swimming pools and spas can be punishing on decks. Repeated cycles of sunshine and soaking from pool water makes decking vulnerable to rot and fading. Just the type of damage AB Building Products decking is designed to resist. You will also benefit from the knowledge that it’s natural look texture will provide a safe non-slip surface for all the family.

Salt Water and extreme weather conditions? AB decking will just shake these conditions off as if it’s a beautiful Spring day. Saltwater and extreme temperature changes can wreak havoc with standard timber and WPC decking, however AB decking can easily handle these conditions and not suffer from warping and splintering. Even after a hard winter. AB decking can easily and quickly be washed down and ready to go for the next season, no yearly painting or staining required.

AB Building Products have supply decking for a range of projects, from residential gardens, public and commercial spaces, rooftop terraces to high rise balconies for flats and offices. We have supplied decking for seafront locations including marina’s and boardwalks.

Some recent projects have included:

  • Battersea Exchange, London
  • Wates Construction, London
  • Chelsea Island, London
  • Brighton Marina, Brighton
  • Paddington Gardens, London

If you are interested in finding out more about AB Building Products new Fireproof decking, please get in contact to discuss your project in more detail.

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