Keep Calm And Spray Insulate

Keep Calm And Spray Insulate

AB Building Products offer a wide range of spray foam insulation kits, no matter the size of your project, from filling a hole to insulating your loft space, garage, garden building, campervan or boats.

AB offers Touch ‘n Foam, Froth Pak and Polynor kits, all contain everything you need for a fast, efficient, insulation jobs. All the products comprise of a closed-cell polyurethane formula designed to efficiently reduce condensation and heat loss, enhancing the level of thermal performance of your project. 600 and 200 kits are designed for larger insulating, sealing, patching and filling applications. The 600 and 200 kits provide a quick, consistent flow of foam with rapid curing (60 seconds) to insulate stud wall cavities, gaps, cracks, expansion joints, and other sources of air leakage. These kits are perfect for larger coverage areas like loft spaces, garages, extentions etc, where you will be spraying a large amount at one time.

Polynor is great for smaller projects where you may only want to do a small section at a time or have limited access. The cans are easily interchangable and require a lot less preparaton before use. The cans are great if you are doing a shed or maybe a van to campervan conversion, allowing you to simply and easily do small sections without the worry of hoses in the way.

The kits include all the required ancillaries such as nozzles, hoses and a professional-quality dispensing gun. AB Building Products can also supply a tanks-only kit for re-orders. Protective clothing should be worn when using these products and AB Building Products offer a range of protective suits and goggles for your safety.

Please feel free to call the team at AB Building Products for advice and guidence on which product will best suit your needs. Check out the full range of spray foam insulation products here.