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Building Products Specialists

Use of Expanding Foam In Residential Wall Cavities

It has recently been revised that the use of Expanding Foam to fill residential walls. Please make sure that you are aware of all relevant product information. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

We cannot assume liability for damage when using Froth-Pak SR to fill wall cavities or other un-tested cavities or fixtures or non-approved applications. Qualification of this product in any specific application must be approved, verified and controlled by the end-user.

Residential wall assemblies commonly surfaced with drywall or gypsum board may be prone to cracking or buckling due to either the user overfilling the cavity, plugging the insertion hole/pressure release holes too soon or drywall that was attached to the studs with short nails where minimal pressure could cause the nails to pull from the studs. In addition, there may be unknown obstructions within the wall cavity, such as old insulation, bracing or jack studs, etc. which will reduce the available volume and lead to overfilling.

Therefore, our literature has recently been revised in order to address these recommendations. . Please make sure that your customers are aware of all relevant product information.

This information is provided as a service, and is not necessarily meant to reflect any recommendation, guideline. Each individual user must determine product suitability for any particular purpose.