Parafix Cement Repair 310ml

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High quality plasto-elastic repair sealant with a coarse grain structure

Parafix Cement Repair is a high quality, plastoelastic repair sealant with a coarse grain structure. Ideal for the repair of cracks, filling holes in walls and repairing joints between bricks and facade masonry. Perfect for joints in walls and window sills as well! Parafix really is every expert's choice for a quick and easy fix, so make it yours as well. Why settle for anything less than the best?

  • Parafix Cement Repair is appropriate for all porous surfaces such as structure plaster, stone, concrete, wood, etc.
  • Unsuitable for permanent water immersion.
  • Can be painted over once sufficiently cured.
  • Tubes can be bought either individually or by the box. One box contains 12 cartridges of 310ml
  • Available in Cement Grey
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