Polynor Applicator gun

POLYNOR Applicator Gun. Polynor is a one component polyurethane spaying insulation for top quality insulation of all types of houses and buildings.
Polynor can also be used in sheds, garden buildings, garages, boats, campervans and doesn't require a specialist knowledge or experience, any competent DIYier can use it.
1 can of Polynor covers 1m2 at 4-5cm thick.
Please note Polynor Insulation cans sold separately.
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Polynor spray polyurethane insulation foam in aerosol cans. Unparalleled combination of characteristics and product quality. Perfect insulation material for almost every building. Application for thermal and acoustic insulation from basement to roof.
Polynor provides outstanding thermal performance. Available to everyone, does not require
special skills or equipment.
Areas of use

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of exterior facades, interior walls, interfloor overlappings, interior partitions, ceiling, floor, structural elements of buildings, roof, basement, foundation, balcony, loggia, doors, window slopes, inter-panel seams of buildings, car trailers, river and sea vessels , As well as freight and passenger wagons.
  • Thermal insulation and wind protection of houses made of stone, brick, foam concrete, aerated
concrete, cinder blocks, shell rock, wood, timber, prefabricated panel houses.
  • Acoustic insulation of buildings, structures, technical premises.
  • Thermal repair of defective parts of thermal insulation, by spraying on the surface.
  • Efficient Insulation of most building materials
  • Seamless insulation
  • Elimination of cold bridges
  • Elimination of the dew point
  • Increased the strength of the construction of wooden houses due to monolithic sputtering
  • Isolation of surfaces with any geometric figure
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