Soudal Primer 150, 1/2 Litre Bottle

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A universal primer compatible with a wide range of sealants and adhesives

A universal primer for porous surfaces to be used with silicone sealants and sealants based on MS Polymers. Because of its liquid form this product is incredibly easy to apply. It is suitable for use with any silicone and MS polymer based sealants and adhesives, making it an extremely versatile primer. Ideally this product is at home when being used for joint walls of expansion joints or joint walls of porous material with particularly frequent exposure to water.

  • Each container holds 250ml of primer giving you fantastic value for money
  • When using Primer 150 you should ensure that the Application temperature is +5°C to +35°C

NOTE: Due to the flammable nature of this product we can only offer delivery by courier

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