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Graham Hughes

It took me all morning phoning people and internet searching to find the product I needed, a sealant for SGG bio-clean glass.

Wow, I though reasonable price, postage isn?t expensive either. I ordered it about midday and it arrived in this mornings post.

Thanks very much, now when the glass arrives later today I?ll be able to start making up my windows.

A very happy customer.


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Soudal SMX 506

Product Code: SDSMXBL

World`s first ISO 11600 approved sealant for Self-Cleaning Glass

This Product has now been Replaced by

SCG744 (White & Black)

SCG742 (Crystal Clear)

Soudal, the Belgian manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the construction industry has been at the forefront of sealant and PU foam technology for several decades. With the arrival of self-cleaning glass, yet another challenge was tackled in the Soudal laboratories, introducing SMX 506 The first recommended sealant to be used with Pilkington (ActivTM) & Saint-Gobain Glass (SGG Bioclean), this product is a true breakthrough in the industry! Self cleaning glass types have a dual functionality which uses the forces of nature to help keep the glass free from dirt, thus dramatically reducing cleaning efforts and cost. The functionality is based on two principles;

  • A photoactive surface coating reduces the adherence of dirt and dust particles 
  • The hydrophilic coated surface lets raindrops form a sheet of water which flushes away dirt from the window surface. 

The problem before has always been that although the glass remains clean, any sealant used around the edges wouldn't, thus creating a picture frame of dirty sealant. Now with SMX 506 and all of its self cleaning properties this can all be avoided giving you spotless windows with minimal effort, so grab yours now...


  • compatible with SGG Bioclean and Pilkington Activ
  • conforms to ISO 11600G-25LM
  • available in black or white


Technical Data Sheet - 94.95 kb
Safety Data Sheet - 38.9 kb


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