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pete dawson

good product,now I know how it work I will not get too close to surface when I spray.

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Touch n Foam 15 - Complete Kit

Product Code: 4006001506

Smallest of the Touch n Foam Kits - 15ft2 or 1m2 - 2-Part, Closed Cell Spray Foam Kit

  • Ideal for small areas and/or repair work
  • Covers Approx. 15ft2 or 1m2 @ 25mm thick

Foam Kit 15 Use Guidelines:

ALWAYS review and follow the directions provided in your foam kit.

ENSURE you follow all safety precautions including wearing protective eyewear and gloves. Foam Kit 15 Assembly Instructions: (See Tumbnail Pictures)

Watch YouTube video, click 'Media/Downloads' tab



  • Tear open the back of the box without forcing, remove hoses and applicator to full length
  • Ensure gun safety is ON (roller is locked toward end of applicator)Pull yellow tab to remove black plastic valve lock. Discard.
  • Activate valves by pulling black strap up and insert strap into slit (marked in yellow) on back of box. Hoses will partially fill with chemicals
  • Hold unit UPSIDE DOWN, move roller to 'ON' position (towards hoses) and dispense foam. Adjust roller to increase/decrease flow.
  • If dispensing is stopped for more than 30 seconds, replace nozzle with the extra provided.
  • Foam can be trimmed, painted, sanded or plastered after curing completely.


Touch n Foam System 15 Operating Instructions - 695.25 kb
Touch n Foam System 15 Flyer - 738.89 kb


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