Touch 'n Foam 15 Kit, Complete


Touch ‘n Foam Pro System 15 is a completely self-contained 2-component foam system that is portable and disposable

Complete with pre-attached hoses and wand applicator, the System 15 provides 15 board feet of polyurethane spray foam that expands 30X and dries in 2 - 5 minutes.

Coverage: 15ft2 / 1m2 @ 25mm thick

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Touch ‘n Foam Pro System 15
  • Ideal for small areas and/or repair work
  • Covers Approx. 15ft2 or 1m2 @ 25mm thick

Foam Kit 15 Use Guidelines: ALWAYS review and follow the directions provided in your foam kit.

ENSURE you follow all safety precautions including wearing protective eyewear and gloves. Foam Kit 15 Assembly Instructions:

Expanding polyurethane foam provides a permanent seal against air, moisture and insect infiltration while improving comfort and reducing energy usage. It is ideal for sealing around plumbing penetrations, ventilation ducts, electrical junctions and outlets, between sill plates and concrete slabs, or anywhere you need a fast, economical air-sealing moisture barrier. 

Touch n' Foam Spray DIY insulation kits can be used in a wide range of places; Loft Spaces, Sheds, Garden Buildings, Boats, Yachts, Canel Boats, Caravans, Motorhomes, Barns, Shipping Containers and lots more. If you want to keep a space warm and free of condensation then this is the perfect solution.

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