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CDECK A1 Fire-Rated Non-Combustible Fibre Cement Decking

With beautiful aesthetics, and the look and feel of traditional timber decking, CDECK provides a safe alternative that is fully compliant with fire legislation. Fibre cement decking is not only safer, it is also quieter underfoot due to its solid construction and requires minimal maintenance for longevity and durability. 

Fibre cement construction materials like cladding and wall panels have been around for over a ​century. CDECK is the next generation and is produced with an authentic woodgrain finish, coloured to the core, for a seamless design with concealed screws and fixings. The characteristics of fibre cement mean that it is strong, scratch-resistant, slip-resistant, and cool to the touch, unlike aluminium alternatives which are capable of scorching skin in direct sunlight. It is laminated and rolled within a mould. The laminated fibre cement boards are cured using an autoclave. Using a ​combination of intense heat and pressure the chemical reaction between cement and silica occurs.

The curing process results in a fibre cement decking board with a high strength and tough finish. CDECK is also stable, water resistant, non-combustible and easy to work with using standard tools, drills and saws.

CDECK fibre cement decking boards are composed of Portland cement, silica, water and cellulose fibres, then mixed with other additives.

CDECK is primarily intended as flooring for terraces, patios, hot tubs, balconies, or swimming pools in residential areas. However, due to its high resistance and versatility, it is also suitable for high-traffic areas such as seafront promenades, marina quaysides, the communal areas of hotels and offices, schools, offices, sports stadiums and high-rise balconies. It is available for homeowners and sole traders to purchase for installation in residential properties.

For a beautiful, low-maintenance, strong and durable decking choice that is easy to install, CDECK is the answer.

SIZE 2440 x 200 x25mm (0.49m2 per board)
WEIGHT 21Kg (per board)
WEIGHT 42Kg (per m2)
WARRANTY Limited 15 years warranty




Our non-combustible decking products have been independently tested to achieve Euroclass Classifications of A1, satisfying legal requirements and ensuring compliance in the UK and across Europe.


For detailed information and trade enquiries on all our fire-rated decking options please visit:

The CDECK system has fire classifications of A1fl-s1 resistant to fire and other temperature changes, like frost and ice, and remains cool to touch in high temperatures. 
More Information
More Information
Brand Fire Deck
Weight (Kg) 21
Warranty Period 15 Year Warranty

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Fire Deck CDECK CAD Drawing
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Fire Deck CDECK Care and Maintenance Guide
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Fire Deck CDECK Fire Test Report
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Fire Deck CDECK Installation Guide
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Fire Deck CDECK Load Tests
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Fire Deck CDECK Slip Tests
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Fire Deck CDECK Technical Data Sheet
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Fire Deck Warranty
More Information

Other Product Properties:

Low Maintenance
Easy Clean
Mould Resistant
Low Moisture Absorbance

Why choose CDECK instead of aluminium decking? 

  • Much quieter when walked or rained on
  • Coloured to the core, paintable in a range of colours (Decko Fibre Cement)
  • Better thermal conductivity, much cooler than aluminium
  • Walk barefoot safely on CDECK
  • Premium aesthetics with authentic woodgrain finishes 
  • Much more robust, and will not scratch or dent like aluminium
  • Less vibration than aluminium

Residential areas: balconies, flat roofs, patios, terraces, pools, porches & gardens.
Public areas: pedestrian walkways, beaches & terraces.
Commercial areas and high traffic: balconies, flat roofs, hotels, restaurants & shopping centres.
Water spaces: connections between beaches, pools & locations in saltwater environments.

Some recent decking projects have included:

Battersea Exchange, London
Wates Construction, London
Chelsea Island, London
Brighton Marina, Brighton
Paddington Gardens, London

For full information and trade enquiries on all our fire-rated decking options please visit: 

Useful Links: - Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: final report

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